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5 hour wedding coverage with 2 photographers and online gallery access

10 hour wedding coverage with 2 photographers, 2 hour engagement session, online gallery access

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“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

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The wedding photo is the most romantic proof of mutual love between two people. Flipping through the pages of a wedding album, you will rewind time - all emotions and memories will come to life.

The main task of a wedding photographer is to convey the sincerity of the newly-weds, their carefreeness and joy. Therefore, not only a photographer but also a couple should prepare for a wedding photoshoot. Wedding photography is not limited to one day only. The idea is to cover the whole process, including event planning and post-ceremony moments.

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Groom Portrait

The Veil

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A detailed wedding checklist will help catch all the subtle nuances to create exclusive snapshots.

  • The pre-ceremony shots. At this stage, the main attention is devoted to details and accessories – rings, dresses, bridesmaids, veil, wedding cake. You can all add here bridal party pics, the reception space, bride and groom with their parents.

  • The ceremony shots. Ceremonial traditions can be very different. But in most cases, the key scene here is the father walking down the aisle with a bride. It is essential not to miss the preach speech, ring exchange, and the kiss.

  • Post-ceremony shots. Try to capture all the guests in one photo. And then thousands of variations will be great – bride and groom with their relatives and friends.

  • Reception shots. The festive atmosphere of the holiday is embodied in the photos of dancing, guest toasts, bridal bouquet toss.

A wedding photo story is built from small details. And the more you catch, the greater is the outcome.

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